Starting Line Products twin pipes for the Yamaha Banshee not only offer phenomenal peak horsepower but provide an average 10 horsepower midrange¬†increase over the next best competitor’s pipe for a “No Compromise” combination. They give lightning fast acceleration with wicked top end performance.

These SLP mid-range pipes make an incredible amount of power in the midrange verse other aftermarket pipes, usually a 10 horsepower increase more. This makes for a rich and wide powerband and gives your Banshee a very nice torque boost in the midrange where the Banshee is typically weak. SLP Pipes work very well on a stock or highly modified motor and are a blast to run in the woods, trails, track, and dunes!

This kit includes Nickel plated pipes, stinger tubes and aluminum silencers! Ready to install on any year Yamaha Banshee 1987-2006.


Weight 25 lbs
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