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Barkers Slip-on Exhaust:
2-6 Hp Gain at 4,000 – 6,000 rpms,
304SS Hand Polished Pipe,
6061 Aluminum Can with Spec 19 Packing.
Barkers Full Single Exhaust:
8 Horsepower Increase,
9 ft-lbs Torque Increase at 5,000 rpms,
105dB at 3,000rpms 110dB at 4,000rpms,
93dB at 3,000rpms 98dB at 4,000rpms with Quiet Core,
304SS Hand Polished Pipe,
14″ Muffler w/ Corrugated Steel Wool & Spec 19 Fill,
Exhaust Can available in Sleek Round or Classic Oval Design
Comes Standard with a Billet Machined Clamp
Aluminum Heat Shields.
Barkers In-Frame Dual Exhaust:
6 to 10+ Horsepower Increase,
4-10 ft-lbs Torque Increase,
Dual Can design makes for slightly quieter system,
Dual Can design nearly doubles the life of packing,
Comes Standard with Dual Billet Clamps,
Aluminum Heat Shields to protect your legs.
A Barkers Full Dual Exhaust System will help you achieve significantly more horsepower and torque. With a typical gain of 6 or more horsepower over the stock system, the Barkers Full Dual Exhaust System will unleash your 2015 & up Yamaha Raptor 700 and tear up any dune, trail or strip in your path. Installing a Barkers Full Dual exhaust system on this machine will give your Raptor a sound that we feel you’ll love. Because Barker’s uses its special 1 head pipe into 2 can design for this exhaust system, the sound is being dispersed through two cans. This design still delivers that authentic Barker’s deep, throaty sound that maintains a good volume level versus the overwhelming tone that a single exhaust system can sometimes make.

All of Barkers exhaust systems are made from premium materials that are hand-crafted right here in the USA. The exhaust pipes are comprised of 304 stainless steel that is Tig-welded with seam-reduced interior surfaces. The cans are made of all billet 6061 grade aircraft aluminum and come standard in a brushed aluminum finish. Further customize your new system by selecting which color Barkers exhaust tag you would like. You can choose from either black, blue, yellow or red. Finally, complete your new Barkers Full Dual Exhaust System by either black, blue or red billet clamps and exhaust tips.

The Power Commander 6 fuel injection tuning device allows you to optimize your fuel and timing curve (where applicable) giving you the confidence to roam freely.  With fine tune adjustability and multiple inputs, the Power Commander 6 will keep your vehicle running at its full potential letting you concentrate on the journey ahead.

Featuring a plug-and-play setup, Power Commander 6 can be installed discreetly underneath your seat, cowl, dash or other location ensuring your ride looks as good as it runs. Removing the device reverts your vehicle completely back to stock.  With the ability to store and switch between two maps on-the-fly  (via the map switch accessory) and connect to various Power Commander accessories such as the Autotune, Quick shifter or POD-300, the Power Commander 6 gives you features and functions that provide you with the ultimate ride.

  • Compact design for discrete placement & easy uninstallation to revert to stock settings
  • Easily change & upgrade tunes as you upgrade parts
  • Comes with Power Core software that connects dyno runs with our EFI Tuning Devices to unlock your ride’s potential
  • Pair with other Power Commander accessories like the Autotune, Quickshifter or POD-300
  • Analog input allows you to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature
  • Easily connects to your computer via USB
  • Each cylinder can be mapped individually and for each gear, giving riders more granular control
  • One year warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

The EHS fuel controllers are mapped specifically for your individual machine and exhaust system. So simply plug and play!

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