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Get the feel of a whole new machine with the DynoJet Power Vision 3. This performance tuner and data logging device offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and other industry exclusive features. Simply install this on your machine to flash your ECU with settings that are designed for optimum performance. Plug-and-Play, Allows you to flash back to stock at anytime, Diagnostic Tool, Fueling revised for maximum performance, Spark timing optimized for 91-93 octane fuel, Rev limit raised in high and low gears, Speed limit raised in high and low gears, Torque limiting functions reduced or eliminated, Lower fan turn-on temps, Left foot brake mode enabled, Retains ADC and Turf mode where applicable, Get the feeling of a whole new machine and More linear throttle control. Our Power Vision 3 controllers are suitable for your stock or modified machine!

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