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HMF Exhaust For Polaris XPedition: the commanding Titan single Slip-On and the dynamic Titan Dual-Twin-Loop System. Both redefine your XPedition’s overall sound, offering enhanced style and great sound. With a deep, richer exhaust note, boosted engine performance, and a rugged stainless steel build, these systems are engineered to endure the toughest terrains while elevating your XPedition’s style to the next level.

Single Slip-On
The single 5” stainless steel silencer is available in the XL (loud) or QS (quiet) configurations.  Perfect for the rider that is looking to pick up a couple horsepower, improve the exhaust note and add a custom look in an easy to install setup.

Twin Loop System
Maintains the stock power levels and installs as a slip on system retaining the original head pipe.  The Twin Loop system connects two Titan-QS silencers in series creating more capacity to handle the exhaust’s sound pulses.  This looped system traps the exhaust sounds, absorbs them, and allow the exhaust to run quieter than the stock exhaust by an amazing 1-3 DB.

FITS 2024+ XPEDITION (All Models)

Weight 1 lbs
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