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HMF Exhaust RZR Pro R increases performance and durability. This free flowing exhaust design provides increased air flow that creates a deep, aggressive sound that increases both horsepower and torque. The exhaust shield provides a super clean, seamless look that increases the protection on the exhaust system.

Titan Series
Dual Slip-On with free spark spark arrestors
The Titan is a stainless steel system built to withstand extreme temperatures, increase torque and horsepower, add durability and improve the overall exhaust tone. The HMF Exhaust RZR Pro R features (2) 12 inch stainless steel mufflers, the Dual Slip On system picks up nearly 7 HP at the Tires, while dropping the weight roughly 8lbs when compared to stock. Available in both the Loud (XL) and Quiet (QS) options.

Performance: +7 hp / +3 ft-lb
Weight: -8lb / HMF: 18lb / Stock: 26lb
Exhausts Fits: Polaris RZR Pro R (all models/trims)

Dynojet’s Launch Control Module (a true two-step) easily connects to the Polaris RZR Pro R delivering a surge of power when you first drop the hammer. This push button control module allows for wide-open throttle during launch — with no torque limitations. Does NOT require custom tuning! The Launch Control Module is the ideal power starter for your Polaris RZR Pro R. This kit includes everything you need for installation, allowing you to bring the heat right out of the gate. Installation is easy, featuring plug-and-play design that connects to the OEM wiring harness — no cutting or splicing required. This particular module interfaces to a coil pack. Through Power Core Software, you’ll have the ability to adjust launch RPM, though we recommend setting the launch RPM to match the primary clutch engagement RPM to avoid potential belt or clutch damage.

  • Allows for wide-open throttle during launch
  • No torque limitations
  • True two-step
  • Designed to withstand heat, dirt and moisture
  • Comes with an activation switch and harness
  • Interfaces to the coil on plug
  • Fits Polaris RZR Pro R (all models/trims)
Weight 1 lbs
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